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We are the leading provider of shelf companies and investment structures in Poland.


Our clients include leading lawyers, accountants and tax advisors, investment funds, banks, developers and overseas and domestic investors. Serious professionals insist on the highest quality product at reasonable cost and this is what we provide.


Do not purchase a shelf company from any other provider before checking our quality and pricing. Our Polish shelf companies are formed and maintained by a team of highly experienced qualified professionals (former lawyers and accountants) who focus only on our prime core activity of establishing companies in Poland. Other providers may not have this necessary professional background.


We work on agreed, fixed prices.



Our core services include:

Our Polish shelf companies are fully registered, capitalized and financially and legally compliant, with accounting, banking and central Warsaw registered office in place.


Polish shelf companies

Establishing a company in Poland can involve an unfortunately cumbersome and time consuming process. This can be frustrating and in fact our business is founded on this. Therefore, in most cases, when an investor contacts us for a new company we do not set up a new company. Instead we transfer the shares in a shelf company which we have already formed and registered. This means that an investor can have a suitable, fully registered, fully capitalized, ready-to-go and ready-to trade company in a fraction of the time it would normally take to open and register a company in Poland. Contact us for our current prices.

All the major professional firms choose us

The major reasons are to save time and cost, as explained below. Establishing a company is more time consuming than complex – any professional firm can deal with this quite easily – but in most cases the transaction or business venture should not wait several weeks or months in order for a company to be formed and registered.


Many lawyers and tax advisors take the view that their time should be spent on behalf of their clients on more complex issues than forming a company: clients appreciate their advisors making cost saving efforts and, from the professional’s point of view, the time cost involved in a serious professional undertaking such work is unlikely to be charged in full, so it is a cost saving to the professional too.


We cooperate with leading law firms, accountancy firms and other professional organizations throughout the whole of Poland. Professionals who have used us know our professional approach, reliability, trustworthiness and, most importantly, the quality of our product. Given our own backgrounds at leading professional firms we understand and place great priority on providing total quality assurance with regard to our work.

Save time

A primary reason why professionals and investors acquire a shelf company from Blackstones rather than enduring the potentially frustrating process of establishing a company from new is to save time.


Buying a ready-made company involves only signature of a share transfer agreement, registrations at court and elsewhere and signing a few documents. This can be handled by us or the investor’s advisor, without troubling the investor other than providing a sample signature and identity documentation and signing bank signatory forms.

Why is incorporating a new company from the beginning not convenient?

Establishing a company from new involves much greater involvement from the investor’s side, more documentation requirements, more signature requirements, more bank transfers for registration costs, capital, tax and fees and translation costs and, possibly, foreign notary and apostille costs.


A considerable amount of documentation needs to be collated even before steps to form the company can start. There may then be delays at court or at other authorities, including mistakes by the court, which, although no fault of the professional involved, can be embarrassing. Acquiring a ready-made company avoids all of this.


Once all relevant documentation regarding the shareholder and board has been collated (and in some cases notarized, apostilled and court sworn translated), the time and inconvenience continues. The next step is personal attendance of the investor or its attorney before a notary in Poland (with a translator if you are not a Polish speaker). Further steps involve registration at court, registration at the tax office and registration at the state statistical office, among other steps. Capital of at least PLN 5000 must be paid into the company’s bank account in Poland once it is opened (not always so easy for a foreign based investor). With documentation delays and the like, it can take several weeks, even months. Each step involves costs. These out of pocket costs are very likely much more than the cost of acquiring a Shelf Company from Blackstones (with no fuss or time delay).


The Ministry of Justice has now brought in an electronic internet based company registration system. The procedure is still time consuming as it requires attendance by the investor or attorney to open a bank account and original documents with the court. The internet registration procedure is not popular and has only been used in a minority of cases owing to teething problems as well as the systems inherent limitations. The standard form statues/articles of association are not flexible or appropriate in most instances.

Buying a Polish Shelf Company

Compare this to buying a Polish Shelf Company from Blackstones. The company is already fully registered, fully capitalized, has a bank account, has a registered office and has an accountant. The company can trade or make your investment on the same day that you acquire it. And because we establish and register many companies at the same time, without needing to liaise with the investor at that time, our costs are considerably lower when compared to establishing company in Poland on a one-off basis. Also, the shelf company pays its own registration costs from share capital paid in by us. The out-of- pocket cost for the investor is reduced.


If any of that is not clear, please give us a call or send an email. We are native English and Polish speaking professionals with almost 20 years experience in the business of establishing companies in Poland.



Blackstones is the original and best provider of choice for shelf companies in Poland. Blackstones is distinguished by specialist expertise and the most competitive pricing in the market. Our team has extensive experience in providing these services. No other organization in Poland can match Blackstones with regard to its unique combination of service quality, efficiency and cost. We work on fixed fee arrangements. With us, the cost will always be quite clear with no hidden add-ons. If you wish to establish company in Poland, call us now for a clear and trouble-free understanding.