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LLP Poland – Polish limited Liability Partnership

We set up and hold new, ready-to-trade limited Polish limited liability partnerships with tax registration, EU VAT registration, bookkeeping services, registered address and bank account in place. Blackstones’ LLP Poland solution involves a simple transfer and a fixed cost.


We hold two types of Polish LLP: a standard limited liability partnership (spółka komandytowa – Sp. k.) and a limited liability partnership with shares (spółka komandytowo-akcyjna – S.K.A.).


Many investors favour these structures over limited companies, since they can help to avoid one level of income taxation into the hands of the partners, the entity itself not being subject to income tax, while still preserving limited liability. Shares in an S.K.A. are easily transferred and can even be in the form of bearer shares. Partners in an S.K.A. face income tax only when a dividend is distributed.


We can establish any other kind of Polish partnership, tailored to precise requirements.


We are able to provide after-sale support such as registration of changes in the partnership, arrangements, bookkeeping support, a registered office address and nominee arrangements.