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Poland Shelf Company

Fixed Cost

We have spoken with clients who have had bad experiences with company formation organizations, especially regarding unwelcome surprises such as multiple or additional cost elements.


In fact, we experienced this ourselves once when helping a client to open a company outside of Poland.


Blackstones clients always have a full and clear understanding of cost. Wherever possible (which means almost always), we provide a “one number” fixed cost. We have no hidden costs. We avoid complicated price tariffs, hourly charges, exceptions, disclaimers and all sorts of small print.


Call us now for a fixed fee quote for your Polish company needs. Contact us for details of available companies for transfer and pricing.



The incorporation and registration procedure for a Polish company can take several months. Registration at the company registration court has become quicker but that is part of the story only. Tax office registrations involve more time following registration at court. In most cases, it is not acceptable for market entrants or investors to wait more than a short while to set up a company in Poland. Commencement of business activity or investment can face long delays if a corporate entity is not quickly available.

An investor can buy a new, ready-made Polish shelf company. Each Polish shelf company from Blackstones is newly established and fully registered, with bookkeeping services, registered address and bank account in place.

A Blackstones Poland shelf company can be transferred to you very quickly and easily, even within the course of one business day. As part of the transfer we can arrange for the appointment of a new board of directors and change of company name (if desired).


Types of ready-made Entity

We hold or can establish any kind of business entity, tailored to precise requirements. Available types of business entity include:

We offer after-sale support to register changes in the company as well as helping with arrangements for bookkeeping support, a registered office address and nominee directors/signatories, unless this will be handled by instructing professionals.